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kitchen countertops main
kitchen countertops main

Marble, Quartzite & Exotic Countertops & Surfaces

Why Choose Marble, Quartzite or Exotic?

Marble – Even though Marble requires higher maintenance than most, for some, there is no alternative quite as beautiful as the real thing. With Marble, every slab is uniquely gorgeous. Manufactured stones will never have the same depth, unique pattern or range of colors as natural stone. Marble is naturally heat resistant and can be used in areas such as fireplace surrounds where a “Marble Look” product cannot be used.

Quartzite – Is more durable than granite. It’s actually harder than all other stones used for countertops. The differences between the two are striking because some types can look very much like marble without the issues that come from selecting a softer stone. It can look like Marble but won’t etch. Quartzite is more expensive due to its density and the extra time required for fabrication.

Exotics – When price isn’t a factor, exotic stone, gems and precious metal countertops offer unique style and beauty. When standard countertops simply won’t do, exotics will create a kitchen or bath countertop that will be as rare as it is beautiful.

Examples of Marble & Quartzite Options

GQ Tops can assist you throughout the selection process for all your individual needs, whether choosing Marble, Quartzite or Exotics.


Super White


Brown Fantasy


White Macaubus


White Carrara


Taj Mahal

Marble, Quartzite and Exotics are special order stones selected directly from our suppliers. GQ Tops staff will assist you in this process to ensure your specific needs and taste preferences are met. Visit our showroom or contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our design experts.

Our available program colors

When you purchase one of our program color Quartzite/Exotics, you only pay for the square footage you need – not the full slab – saving you money. At GQ Tops, we offer a wide variety of program colors. Pictured below are the Quartzite program colors we offer.

Taj Mahal

Florida Wave

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal